About Me

Photo shows the author in her wheelchair outside the Church of St. George and St. Thomas off O'Connell St.

Maryam is a writer, freelance journalist, jazz singer, disability activist and a Gemini Vegetarian in the words of Elle Woods. Right now she would like to be in Venice sipping an Aperol Spritz or swimming in the sea anywhere. She is an INFP who loves origami and reading beautiful books when she should be writing.

She is currently a PhD student in the Department of Law in Maynooth, focusing on Disability Law and Media Policy. She holds a BA in English from Trinity College Dublin and an MA in Journalism from TUD. She is a member and previous staff member of Independent Living Movement Ireland.

You can also find her engaging in discussions on spirituality and mental health with her Baba here, having girl chats with her disabled BFF here, and talking about the heavier issues of politics and disability with her co-founders of Turning Tide Media here.